XF 2.2 Contact us form emails not being received


I just installed XenForo and I'm not getting emails from the Contact us form. Email transport method is PHP built-in mail system. I've tried using a Gmail and an @troops.com email address for the contact email address. The forum is on troops.com. Neither work.

I created a second account using an AOL email, and the confirmation emails were received. Also, I started a conversation between the second account and my admin account. I get email notifications of the conversation on AOL, but not with the Gmail or troops email.

Any thoughts? Thank you in advance.
If email was received using the AOL account then XF is working.

Most likely the other services have blacklisted the server IP address, or emails are going to spam.

Contact your host for assistance.
Any thoughts? Thank you in advance.
Yeah, if your site is not that busy right now, use the free tier of Amazon SES to send your mail.

It's not that hard to do, and you get something like 60K emails total send a month.

It looks like the SPF record for your domain is wrong. The domain's SPF record is telling mail servers to reject mail sent from the troops.com mail server because it's not a valid sender for @troops.com emails.

Basically you need to have your admin sort out the SPF record for your domain.

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