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Some suggestions....

Things I'd like to see in xenforo WITHOUT having to use mods/edits...

- Allow Xenforo customers to decide exact avatar size (The "uniform" thing is rigid and undesirable to customers - people want flexibility, not rigidity)
- settings in ACP for max sig size
- notable members to include 'most followed'
- A built-in sidebar widget framework
- call forum posts 'posts' in postbit (not 'messages'), as all they include is postcount anyway (by default).
- user ranks system (/stars)
- option in ACP for horizontal postbit
- option in ACP to disable membercards
- option in ACP to display last X profile visitors in profiles
- Profile picture not the same as avatar
- Profile fields to be editable directly from profile
- Link in profiles for admins to 'edit user'
- gender conditionals ("their" should be his/her as appropriate)
- Option to have a Plain text BBcode editor (at the moment it's just rich text or no BBcode)

Yes, I know there are add-ons/template edits for some of these things, but that isn't the point.
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Don't shoot the messenger. Those are the guidelines posted by the XenForo team. I suggest you read the whole thread and follow what has been specified.

Chris D

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You want me to turn this into FOURTEEN threads?

Because if so, I will do that...
That is the best thing to do, yes, but also please check to see, first, whether any of them have been suggested previously. A number of your suggestions already have been suggested before.