Size of Attachments Suggestions


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Hey guys. Been doing some maintenance on my forum...and was looking for some advice/suggestions on what folks are using for ACP settings for attachments.

As many of us can specify:

1. Maximum attachment image dimensions in pixels.
2. Maximum attachment file size in KB.

Most attachments on my site are image attachments...but there are the occasional .pdf and video attachments (which generally are larger in file size).

My main concern is amount of total space attachments can take on a server. On smaller sites with fewer attachments this may not be a concern...but with larger sites that many many attachments over the years...the amount of space attachments take up can start to be pretty sizeable...which increases the size of daily/weekly/monthly backups.

Thus if folks don't mind sharing...what sort of attachment settings are you guys using?


Mr Lucky

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I have 1300kB and 1000 x 1000 pixels

This seems to catch a lot of huge files because most files already under 1000px are quite small small in kB. Anything over 1000 gets resized and so gets made a lot smaller in kB.

My main concern is amount of total space attachments can take on a server.

It's also worth considering page load

Unless you need to display large dimensions, then this seems to work well.


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Thanks much Mr. Lucky. I have mine set slightly smaller for max file size...and about half of the dimension setting.