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I'm in the process of renewing my XF license and to buy the XenForo Media Gallery too.

But, I'm having some technical questions about the videos posted in XFMG.

Since I'm going to DigitalOcean to store all of my videos, using the following tutorial:

This can be used to process all the videos playbacks, or this gonna happen in my original server?

I don't know how to ask this, but, who is gonna be the responsible to process all the playback since is going to be stored in my Digital Ocean account?

Is my original server or Digital Ocean in this particular case?

BTW, I'm opening a service request to transfer all my original archives to the Digital Ocean server if anyone is interested on doing this.

Thank you very much.

Chris D

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If a video needs to be “transcoded” (make a video compatible across all devices) that will be stored temporarily on your server while that happens, then it is uploaded to whatever file storage you have configured, so in your case, DO Spaces.

It is then served from DO Spaces going forward.