Looking for professional service to implement Wasabi service on my XenForo, specially for playing videos on Media Gallery.


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The thread title is pretty self explanatory.

First, i need a preview of the costs for paying for this service and if can be done. I'm using CloudFlare today and if I'm not wrong, i can change the CDN for Wasabi?

Basically, all attachments and specially, videos from Media Gallery (I'm in the process of installing a 'YouTube' like service on my XenForo site), must be played and processed by Wasabi. This is correct or this process of uploading and playing videos is done by my VPS server?

I see a lot of people complaining about time out errors from CloudFlare, so, if i implement this, i have to drop CF.

This can be done?

My only requirement is that can be functional: user upload the video file, no timeouts errors, user watch the video file, and this have to be processed by the Wasabi.

Who i can talk about this?

Wasabi is storage only.

any processing will not be done there.

if you use AWS, there are some video encoding services.

sounds like a fun project! good luck!
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