XF 1.3 (Solved) View counters not updating

It's been several weeks and my forum view counters are not updating. They stick at 1. Is there an option somewhere to control this? This must seem like a huge newb question but I've spent the last hour trying to resolve this problem with no result.

I'm using XF1.3 with UI.X. I've tried rebuilding all caches and stats, I've looked at the cron and the timer seems fine, and yet the view count doesn't adjust.

*Edit* I can see in the xf_thread_view table, the views are being logged but the cron isn't counting them even when manually running.
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1. Make sure "Update View Counters" is enabled and set. It is located under Tools->Cron Entries in the admin panel.
2. Run "Daily Clean Up" under Tools -> Cron Entries. To run click the "Controls" drop down on the right and click "Run".
3. Run the "Update View Counters" cron mentioned in point 1. To run, click "Controls" drop down on the right and click "Run".

Special Notes:
Tools->Rebuild Cache doesn't work for this.