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Redis View Counters 2.0.3

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Redis View Counters - Use redis for view counters rather than MySQL

Moves some view counters to use Redis-based increment counters rather than scratch tables in MySQL. Redis provides atomic get & del when pushing view counts totals into the database.

  • Currently only handles thread or attachment views.
  • There is an effective limit of ~100000 threads that can be updated per 'Update View Counters' cron task run.
Contributing features or bug fixes
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Hi @Xon ! I have an issue with this addon, I started to get a weird behaviour, threads and views counters are not working, and somehow most of my threads views are always one view count above the replies counter, that is very odd.
When I disable this addon, after some hours passes the views starts to count okay again.
What could it be?


No errors at all, and yes of course, I had redis setup correctly and it could be checked at redis info.
Also my bad, the error was not gone when disabling Redis View Counters, I had to disable your Redis Cache addon completely and now the counts are starting to be normal.

Also I noticed "Users Active" was broken from a start with this, as soon as I disabled the addon it was okay again too.



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This add-on does should not interact with the 'users active' stat at all.

I should have time to look at this in the next few days