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small regional setup of circles

Discussion in 'XenForo Questions and Support' started by rootsxrocks, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. rootsxrocks

    rootsxrocks Active Member

    what would be the best way to set up xenforo so that when users join they can subscribe to specific user groups so thier new post are not cluttered with topics they are not interested in.
    for example if I have a local forum for a region that contains several small towns that are very close and overlap in interest. and I want to keep track of the post about konawa and Asher but not maud.

    Is it ok to use subdomains like asher.forum.com and konawa.forum.com with a single install? in the root domain.

    most of the areas have too few to support a lively forum but some may not be of concern to others while some may want to see several of the little areas around them and of course the main cat would host the entire area.

    I have a vb install were I am getting complaints about clutter from one town that people don't care to read or see in the new post.

    I am just learning xenforos ways and still need to do some set up and find the right add ons. but this seems to be a major issue and my host suggested that I use something like forum.example.com .

    at the moment I put the install in a sub directory example.com/748zip but I am not prepared to finish the home page just yet and want to lead folks in to the right place with the simple URL.

    If I rename that install folder what is involved in creating an index.php in the root to direct it to the right spot. hope this all makes sense if your from a little town you might understand.

    also is it possible to integrate joomla from a separate domain and host with wikis that are specific to each town?

    I'm sure confused now cause I am.
  2. rootsxrocks

    rootsxrocks Active Member

    BTW the setup is really sweet I am loving xenforo thus far it makes my vb feel like flying a clunky old 747 were xenforo is like a hand glider well something like that.
  3. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    On this specific issue:

    Can multiple domains or subdomains be used with a single license?
    Yes, as long as the domains or subdomains all resolve to the same installation, all of the content is available at every domain or subdomain, and there is no attempt to make them appear as separate installations.

    How can I move my installation to a different directory?
    Update the Board URL in the ACP -> Options -> Basic Board Information and move the files to the new directory. You may need to restart the server for the change to take effect.
  4. rootsxrocks

    rootsxrocks Active Member

    Thank you Brogan I just renamed the folder and it appears to be working, However I still have two home tabs after installing 8 way and I have left the Home Page URL blank. one home tab goes to the forum and the other has a drop down for quick links
  5. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    You need to ask in the add-on thread for support with that.

    I would help if I could but I don't use any of those add-ons.
  6. rootsxrocks

    rootsxrocks Active Member

    Thank you Brogan I have fixed that and have broken the facebook registration , I'm not sure how or what but otherwise everything seems to be working as i keep finding bits of sweetness.
    I do just want to say how entirely wonderful this is I am tempted to convert my old vb4 site too, If I just had the money to throw it away I LOVE XENFORO It just sexy.

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