As designed Select to quote disabled along with post privilege in XF1.5

Affected version
XF 1.5.14

Tom McIntyre

Active member
We have a group of read only forums that users want to be able to quote from when creating a new thread or posting in an existing thread in another forum. The select to quote feature appears to be disabled completely instead of just disabling the select with reply to quote portion.

Is this just an oversight that can be corrected with a template edit of some kind?


XenForo developer
Staff member
This is generally intentional -- we don't display a reply button on the post if you can't reply, so that part wouldn't be displayed when text is selected. Similarly, we don't display multi-quote options on posts you can't reply to, so we wouldn't display that when text is selected either.

I'm not sure if this would be changeable solely via templates, as the checks made within the code will likely be checking permissions.

Tom McIntyre

Active member
The first place I looked was for a "permission to quote" but, of course, it does not exist. I think the usage would have utility in the situation where the origin of the material and the discussion of it were separated. The reason for not just using copy and paste is the loss of the link to the source.

To emulate the function I want, my users will need to copy the post link as well as the target text. Those few who have multiple paste buffers will be able to do that but others will need to open one window for reading and another for posting.

I will play a bit with Office Clipboard to see if it is easier but I suspect it is more difficult than two windows to teach to the users.