Fixed RTL: Select-to-Quote Tooltip Menu Is Not Aligned Properly


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In RTL mode select-to-quote menu tooltip needs some work:
  • Tip of the tooltip is aligned on left side, but it is not positioned at the end of the selection. The whole tooltip is off towards left hand side.
  • If there is a bulleted list and one item of the list is completely highlighted then the tooltip is off by one row below.
  • If the line-height and font-size are altered, to tooltip is offset vertically. (Try this SS for example: .messageText{font-size:20px;line-height:1.6;})
  • In some cases I have also observed that the tip of the tooltip is not connected with rest tip, there is one pixel gap in between. Possibly, a CSS rule of something else is affecting it.
PS: I wish there was an RTL theme option available in the test forum to choose in order to illustrate some of the issues we face.