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[SchmitzIT] Xenforo Mediawiki bridge

Discussion in 'Add-on Releases [Archive]' started by SchmitzIT, May 13, 2011.

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  1. SchmitzIT

    SchmitzIT Well-Known Member

    First off, let me start by stating that this mod was coded by xfrocks, but he is allowing me release it (presumably because I paid him to code it ;) ).

    This add-on provides a bridge between XenForo and MediaWiki. That's about it. In short, if you run a MediaWiki installation on the same site as your XenForo installation, you can have your MediaWiki share the authentication with XF, so your users will not have to create two different accounts for the same site.

    The original version (still available on SchmitzIT.com, but removed from this post) works on MediaWiki versions < 1.18. Version 2.0 works on 1.18 and up.

    Version 2.0 will stream updates made in the Wiki into the "Recent Activity" stream, as can be seen in the screenshot:


    Installation instructions:

    1. Upload files and directories inside `upload-to-mediawiki` to MediaWiki root
    2. Go to MediaWiki root > extensions > XenForo
    3. Copy config.default.php to config.php
    4. Open config.php and define the MEDIAWIKI_PATH_TO_XENFORO, by setting it to the location of the xenforo installation folder (i.e. if your wiki is in www.schmitzit.com/wiki and your forums are in www.schmitzit.com/forums, you would enter the following:
    define('MEDIAWIKI_PATH_TO_XENFORO', '../forums');
    5. Add this line to your LocalSettings.php (in your MediaWiki root):
    6. Done.

    Follow these steps to track user activity via XenForo.
    1. Upload files and directories inside `upload-to-xenforo` to the XenForo root folder.
    2. Import `addon-mediawiki_helper.xml` via XenForo's import tool.
    3. Inside XenForo AdminCP, go to Options > MediaWiki and supply the full path to your MediaWiki URL.
    4. Done

    Should you wish to support this add-on, please consider making a donation. We have a lot of ideas on how to further integrate XenForo and MediaWiki, but are on a limited budget. Should you wish to contribute, you can make a donation by paypal to: peter@schmitzit.com.

    Enjoy :)

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  2. Digital Doctor

    Digital Doctor Well-Known Member

    Awesome !
    This definitely gets a T-shirt award.
  3. Digital Doctor

    Digital Doctor Well-Known Member

    There appears to be some relatively robust login and logout synchronization.
    I was able to log into the forums and when I went to the wiki ... I was logged in there as well.
    As well, when I logged out of the forums .... I was logged out of the wiki.
    Nice !

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  4. bogus

    bogus Guest

    Missing some Screens ;)
  5. Wuebit

    Wuebit Well-Known Member

    This guy sure is a busy one ;p
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  6. SchmitzIT

    SchmitzIT Well-Known Member

    That's on purpose. There's actually nothing to show, as the bridge between the two systems is seamless. If I took a screenshot of the MediaWiki with a login, it'd looking just be the same as a normal media wiki installation.

    If you want to test it, it's up and running on my site, though. The wiki is empty, and so is the board, but at least it gives you the ability to see it in action :)
  7. Digital Doctor

    Digital Doctor Well-Known Member

    SchmitzIT: try seeing if your Mediawiki will work with the WYSIWYG editor plugin.
  8. SchmitzIT

    SchmitzIT Well-Known Member

    Could you please specify what you mean? I'm not really sure? We use the default WYSIWYG editor that comes with MediaWiki.

    Are you talking about the better looking editor that was released as an add-on?
  9. Alente

    Alente Member

    Strange, after installing this with relative paths I'm not having any luck with the login synchronization.

    The path is definitely right and the login option is vanishing off the wiki but it's simply not logging people in to the wiki when they're logged into the forum.
  10. sifuhall

    sifuhall Active Member

    I've been waiting on a full wiki for some time now and it doesn't appear vaultwiki will every be completed.

    I may give this a try. Thanks for posting it.
  11. Digital Doctor

    Digital Doctor Well-Known Member

    Vaultwiki has been pretty up front about Xenforo and I feel they are sticking to their timelines and informing people of their progress.
  12. Digital Doctor

    Digital Doctor Well-Known Member

    What could take Xenforo + Mediawiki to new heights is ...
    Having new articles and mediawiki comments show up in Xenforo What's New.
    There would be some sort of "redirect / placeholder" in Xenforo that when clicked, send the user to Mediawiki. This would give some "activity" or "life" to Mediawiki entries. The "Action" will always be in the forums.
    Ideally, when someone owns a Mediawiki article ... when someone replies or edits it ... they will be notified via xenforo ALERTS ! :)
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  13. sifuhall

    sifuhall Active Member

    Can you post a link to the timelines?
  14. Digital Doctor

    Digital Doctor Well-Known Member

    Here is the editor in use on your site. It isn't WYSIWYG. It's wiki markup.

    Are you talking about the better looking editor that was released as an add-on?[/quote]



    I think FCKeditor is the one that is most promising.
    Site: http://mediawiki.fckeditor.net/
    Demo / Sandbox - http://mediawiki.fckeditor.net/index.php/Sandbox
    You can click on one of these Test Pages - http://mediawiki.fckeditor.net/index.php/Test_Page and edit away !

    default.mediawiki.editor.isnt.WYSIWYG.it.is.codes.jpg FCKeditor.mediawiki.rich.text.editor.jpg

    But I couldn't even add a wiki link from within the Rich Text editor.
  15. SchmitzIT

    SchmitzIT Well-Known Member

    Ack. I have been confused :D The wiki you are accessing is not the one I was thinking of. In my mind you were on another site of ours, where we use the Vector skin, and where we have enabled an editor with a bit more Oomph, which is the same one used currently on Wikipedia. (the wiki on SchmitzIT is a very basic install, and most of my wiki time is spent on the other wiki. I actually forgot I installed it on SchmitzIT to demo this product).

    You can see our other wiki in action at www.entropiaplanets.com/wiki. We have quite a few extensions running on it, and the wiki is, all in all, heavily customized. It's still a major work in progress, but at least it seems we are getting somewhere, step by step :)

    We have tried using the FCKEditor on that wiki, but at that time ran into some issues with it, to the extent that it just did not work properly. I recently upgraded that wiki to 1.16.5, so maybe the problem is now solved. I can always try re-enabling and see if the trouble ceases now.
  16. andret

    andret Member

    Is is possible to make this work between domains and or servers?
  17. sifuhall

    sifuhall Active Member


    I have installed media wiki and it is operational, however completing the install steps I get:

    Error 330 (net::ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED): Unknown error.

    I have attempted to debug by putting break points in config.php, LocalSettings.php, require-me.php, and setup.php

    The files config.php, require-me.php, and setup.php are all being called correctly and the error occurs after exiting LocalSettings.php.

    Any ideas where to check from here?
  18. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

  19. tambling

    tambling Guest

    Thanks Brogan. I took the plunge and purchased. Nice to know there is already MediaWiki development. Thanks xfrocks and SchmitzIT! We are very excited to install.
  20. SchmitzIT

    SchmitzIT Well-Known Member

    I never experienced that issue. Does the wiki work without the add-on?
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