Add-on [Paid] Xenforo and MediaWiki Bridge


I have been using a modified version of xfrock's bridge.15 for a long while. However, with the release of MediaWiki 1.27 and the new AuthManager feature, this bridge no longer works. In short, I am looking for someone to create a new add-on that will replicate the functionality of the old one.

It will need:
  • If a user is signed into the forums, theynwill be signed on when they visit the wiki.
  • If a forum user visits the wiki for the first time, their wiki account is automatically created
  • Primary and secondary user groups are transferred over from the forums to the wiki.
  • If a user is rremoved from a user group in the forums, the user's wiki account should be updated to reflect this on their next visit.

Thanks! :)
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