Add-on MediaWiki Bridge for sign-ins using Xenforo user accounts



I am looking for a media wiki bridge that works where users can login to Mediawiki with their Xenforo account. I have come across old stuff for XF1 and checked out the XenForoAuth Extension for mediawiki. Even tried to get it working with the [bd] API for XenForo 2.0 2.2.0 Beta 1 but have mot managed to get it to work.

Had anyone got any other suggestions? Willing to pay to get something got this coded up if there is nothing available.
Hit a dead end with this so willing to pay to get a bridge between mediawiki and Xenfor users. Only need users registered on Xenforo to be able to login to Mediawiki with their Xenforo login details.

DM me if any developer is interested in taking this on.
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