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SchmitzIT would like to announce our various XenForo oriented services.

We would be delighted to assist you with any of the following services:

  • XenForo installation (35 USD each).
  • XenForo upgrades (35 USD).
  • XenForo imports - The starting price is 75 USD. The actual amount of time spent will greatly depend on the speed of your server, the technical shape of your database (in case any errors are encountered due to historic problems in the database, we will have to work around those. This will be at an hourly rate of 75 USD per hour) and the size of the forum. We have a few options available to handle imports, and after the first hour (which is covered by the 75 USD), we will charge 35 USD per additional hour spent. Redirects are not included in the import.
  • XenForo configuration (installing add-ons, setting up specific configurations). Price will depend on the amount of work, but typically will be USD 75/hour.
  • XenForo styling. We can do custom styling to give your forums a unique look. Price will depend on the actual amount of work, but typically will be USD 75/hour.
  • Custom XenForo application development. Please contact us with what you need built, and we'll provide you with a quote.
Please note that all prices are excluding 25% VAT, applicable only to EU customers. If you are located within the EU and run a business, please let us know your VAT number in advance.

Why hire us?
  • We will go the extra mile to ensure that you will be a satisfied customer.
  • We have built up a solid experience with XenForo installations, migrations and styling, and our customers are without exception satisfied with our services so far.
  • We will ensure you will receive a professional and courteous treatment.
  • If you require it, we can provide you with full documentation of our work, though that will be charged extra.
  • In cases where we feel we lack experience or skills, we will either get assistance from a third-party to accomplish the goal, or refer you directly to any of the third parties we work with.

We are looking forward to help you unlock the potentials of your ideas!

Peter Schmitz
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Thank you Peter for helping me get my forum setup. It looks so good now. There is a lot to learn, thanks to Peter for giving me a jump start & for helping me to understand my way around. I'll be hiring him & Lykke more in the future. :)


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Thank you Peter for helping me get my forum setup. It looks so good now. There is a lot to learn, thanks to Peter for giving me a jump start & for helping me to understand my way around. I'll be hiring him & Lykke more in the future. :)

Thanks a bunch - and hopefully I get the pleasure of helping out as well next time :) Best of luck with the forum


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Thank you Peter for helping me get my forum setup. It looks so good now. There is a lot to learn, thanks to Peter for giving me a jump start & for helping me to understand my way around. I'll be hiring him & Lykke more in the future. :)

Thank you for your business, and we're looking forward to be of assistance to you in the future!


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10/10 Rating

Services Provided are excellent! From simple File transferring to Elite Hosting services at a fair price. Took the time to answer every question I had, quickly & promptly. When an Issue occurs, Support is there 110% until satisfactions has sunk in.

Explains in detail, and shows an effort to give you the Full Support you deserve!​
Click DwD Logo Below in signature to view the host service, transfer work, speed quality that has been given!​

Thank You for the excellent service/support you gave me. Was in a jam & you pulled us right out!

Highly Recommended


I wanted to give a thanks to everyone at They migrated my 60,000+ post forum from vbulletin 3.x to Xenforo without any problems.

The professionalism and customer care exhibited through all phases of the migration were world class!

I highly recommend you send Peter and his team an email if you have any needs with your forum. You will not be disappointed.

Thanks again and I will be in touch again soon for more help.


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Extremely happy with the service and communication provided by Peter and Lykke of SchmitzIT. They did a terrific customisation of an existing theme, working through the 10+ modification/addition requests I had. Fully recommend them to anyone looking for xenForo services.

I approached them after reading recommendations in this topic, so adding my feedback too :)

Paul S

I just wanted to add my thanks to Peter - he has written all the import scripts to migrate our obsolete MS SQL based forum with over 500,000 posts into Xenforo.
Nothing was too much trouble, and he completed all the work in a very timely manner.
I wouldn't hesitate to use his services again, and would recommend him to anyone needing similar assistance.



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First off, if you want fast, competent, and great service, use Peter's (SchmitzIT's) services.

I can't say enough about the quality, speed, and value of his service. Here's a breakdown of what happened with me:

I had a vb4.x site that I wanted to move to XF. My style guy, who is great, too (in his realm), offered to help me after my own efforts to use the available importers to migrate my site. I initially tried to make the importers work, but kept getting errors. My style guy tried, to the same effect. I spent several hours on the phone with tech support at my host, but basically got a lot of, "we can't directly support 3rd party the developer." That was really the rub, as neither vb or XF are directly "the developer" and the importers are not supported as well as they could be (not in any way a dig on the importers author's...just that they do not/maybe cannot offer the support I needed). I got some great effort in terms of responses from posts on this site, but at the end of the day, no one could sort my problems out. I contacted SchmitzIT and within a day, I had a successful migration of my site.

Now, that might sound somewhat what you would expect of a service provider. But, let me expand a bit on what my experience was. First, I contacted SchmitzIT on a Friday, late at night. By Saturday morning (early, like 2 AM my local time), he responded, gave a very reasonable quote for services, and said he would help me. I agreed at about 8 AM on Saturday morning. He then worked for a solid 6-7 hours, dealing with server, database, and importer code issues (even re-coding the importer on the fly to deal with my problems) and was able to deliver a fully functional and correctly imported XF site (with the addition of dealing with upgrade to two versions of XF and, even more impressively, getting my vbseo redirect fixed so that I did not lose any previous links in my site- within the original quoted fee). (Note, I will defer to Peter on whether he is comfortable with me sharing what the fee was...if he would prefer not to share, I can attest, to me, it was a very reasonable fee and well below what I had anticipated).

Sharp, responsive, and valuable service. That has been my experience with Peter's service. All around, I would recommend him to anyone and think he offers outstanding service with great value. If you need help, he is your go to guy. Yesterday, at this time, I had an unusable site (which had 50k posts, 17k members) and was in despair. Within 6 hours of agreeing to work together, I got my site back, with the most current XF version, and had my redirects configured. Couldn't ask for more.

Thanks, Peter!


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I'm overjoyed with the service I have received from SchmitzIT services.

I'm no all rounder and am lucky enough to know my own strengths and weaknesses - In my move to xenForo (from vBulletin) I felt more than confident in handling the migration and modifications etc... I'm a programmer and a SEO specialist.... I'm no graphic designer - I've very little flair for art and in fact, my son aged 10 has more ability than me :)

I decided to employ Lykke to help me on the design aspects of the move - I have to say that she has been most professional at every step, very approachable and very understanding of my needs - it was great to work alongside her and actually learn a little of the styling system at the same time. I am more than impressed with the end result and if you have any graphic needs at all then I would highly recommend Lykke to help you out! (She's also the best looking designer I've ever worked with.. :D )

Peter knows xenForo inside out - together they are a very swift team who can accomplish ALL your site needs with ease!! Go Team Schmitz!

If I have any further xenForo questions or requirements I know that I can rely on Peter and Lykke and I will definitly be using them again on an upcoming project (yup... look out guys!)


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Hey now. What about mentioning I'm the best looking XenForo guru you worked with? :D
I would, but in a few months that will be me :p

Haha Peter, thanks for all your help, advice and hard work. It is looking awesome indeed!


You're too cheap. Don't undervalue what you're quality work is worth.


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I think the pricing is pretty much "spot on" the mark myself. When I see people asking daft amounts like £30-40, just to install XenForo.

It makes me laugh to be frank.


Once again thanks for the help Lykke,

She did a great job helping me with the images I needed for my mobile app. Even towards the end when my ideas changed she had no issues making my changes and finishing the work way before the deadline.

Just amazing. This was the second time she's helped me and she'll be the person I look to for help in the future!

Wow, just wow :)
I wanted to post my 5 star rating for both Peter and Lykke.
They're awesome. They've gone above and beyond what I was a hoping for, and they really bend over backwards to make it all perfect.

I can't praise them enough.
Peter brought my entire vBulletin board over to the xenforo system, and Lykke created an almost identical skin to what I had.

If anybody reading this needs work done in xenforo, or if you're considering jumping from vBulletin over to xenforo, Peter and Lykke are the best team to talk to.

Thanks you two.



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Hey everyone =) I just want to say thank you for all the great things you write here. It really means a lot to us to know, that our customers and friends are happy with the work and services we're providing :)

Every case is special to us and another great experience and we are very happy for all the support you show us.