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I would like to second Lykke's words. We started this venture as a bit of a hobby project, and are having a blast helping people out, learning more and more about the XenForo platform, and seeing our efforts pay off to the extent that people are apparently recommending our services on third-party sites.

We truly feel blessed knowing that the effort we put in is appreciated to such extents, and that we help make a difference to your sites. We intend to take your customer experience with SchmitzIT to the next level soon, and hopefully work on establishing long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our existing and future customers.

Once again, thank you :)


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Hi all,
In less than a month I established two forums starting from zero , all with the help of Peter and his team, really he did everything, considering that I am in the other side of the world from where he is (I am in Mexico/USA), this is a highly recommendation of his services, his support and knowledge, beside that he is a very good person, cooperative always, I am proud to be working with him.

Raul Garcia


I recently used their services and even though there were a few bumps along the road (not their fault), the work was done in a timely fashion and I was always updated via email on the progress. Very professional. I would use their service again, no problem.


Hi folks,

I just wanted to add my praise for Lykke and Peter. They helped me migrate my vBulletin forum to Xenforo, installed a few mods, ad management and did some design customization through the whole forum.

Let me tell you, this has been the MOST pleasant experience I've had dealing with folks who provide these types of services. They genuinely care about the services they provide, and how the site functions after for your members. The communication and support throughout the initial scoping of services to the final service delivery is OUTSTANDING! They will go over and beyond what you ask for, and best of all they will guide you through the process and new functions.

If you are in need of Xenforo Services, I cannot recommend enough Peter and Lykke of SchmitzIT. You won't find a better team of Technical + Design Support in one package. You can expect
  • Fast turnaround time (less than a week);
  • Extremely cheap services for the expertise and support they provide;
  • Clear communication through the service delivery; and
  • Genuine care and customer service;
My sincerest thanks to Peter and Lykke. My members and I are enjoying your work product, and are loving the new features offered by Xenforo. I will be contacting you folks later if I ever need additional work. But I think we're good to go! (y)

Job well done!



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Just wanted to give another +1 to the list of happy customers of SchmitzIT above!

Peter was prompt, professional, concise and came through with a vB3 blogs to threads import solution for me. I would highly recommend SchmitzIT to anyone looking for custom import situations and will likely use them again for some other tweaks and modifications. This is the real deal and their prices are more than reasonable.

Thank you again!

For the searchers: vB3 blog import


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Wanted to add my recommendation for using Schmitz IT, Peter and Lykke, to do forum setup, design and add-on implentation.

Excellent work, good communications, clear pricing and work done on time.


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Here is my recommendation for Peter & Lykke

Both are extremely polite & professional. Lykke went all out to complete my new style on time even though she was feeling unwell.

Very fast service, great communication and worth every penny. I will definitely use their services again

Rating 10/10


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Again, thanks a bunch to all of you who took the time to write here.

It makes us really happy to hear you are satisfied with our services - which we are trying to constantly improve!

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To re-iterate my previous kudos and recommendation to Pete and Lykke's service, I have only had great experiences with them and at a reasonable price. And fast!

A question, one that I have been thinking about generally, is whether you guys have considered some type of site review/optimization/consult service? For want of a better phrase, can you look over a site (mine) and offer ideas/improvements to "pimp" my site?


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Hello xenforo users,

this is my signing note off, as I feel there is certain kudos respectfully needed to be giving! For a good time now you guys have been hosting my website, imo, excellent services! Whenever there was a problem, when available, no hesitations! I am actually sad to leave such a great host provider with which you guys are, but I must move on to a bigger branch, as running a dedicated server with all my services on it.

All in all I highly recommend 'Schmitzit's Services' From what I have seen not one bad report, comment, review, etc.. on them. Not to include they do not oversell like 99% of providers do out there.

Now if you are wondering about support services, my oh my, where do I start? AMAZING! Both of their backgrounds speak for itself.

I will stop here seems as I am ranting off and tooting their horns.

Do yourself a favor pick the right choice, 'Schmitzit Services'

Cheers, thanks again guys!
hey schmitzit....need ur help building xenforo forum.....i have done everything to the point but now im stuck half way at CHMOD permissions

this is the message i get when i go to my site

public_html/*********/community/data must be writable. Please change the permissions on this directory to be world writable (chmod 0777). If the directory does not exist, please create it.