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I'm not quite sure what Newsmax is so I don't think it would make the cut but if you send me the URL for the kind of content you'd want to embed I will give you a definite answer. If Newsmax content is important enough for your site that you'd want to sponsor its inclusion by paying for its development, you can send me a direct message and I'll look into it asap. Otherwise, there's a good chance that you can add it yourself directly in XenForo's admin panel. There's an old tutorial for 1.x that should still work in 2.x.
I looked at that page but I don't see anything that can be embedded. FWIW, some articles contain a video and the site uses Kaltura as their CDN, which means it may theoretically be possible to embed their video if you can get the Kaltura URL but it didn't work for me when I tried it.
Glad you like it. There's nothing preventing me from activating it on mobile but how would you see it work in terms of layout? In portrait mode, I suppose the player could take the bottom of the screen rather than sit in a corner, but I can't imagine it would be usable in landscape mode at all.
Love this...


And opens up the player at the foot of mobile!


The only small problem I see is the "float" arrow on 1st load is not very visible...

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The only small problem I see is the "float" arrow on 1st load is not very visible...
Yes, by default the arrow is almost completely transparent and only comes alive when the pointer hovers over the embed. On desktop this works fine because the mouse has to move over the embed to start or pause it, but on a touch screen it's basically mystery meat navigation. I've made the mobile arrows 4x more opaque by default, hopefully that's visible enough that users can discover the feature normally.

I think Acast have changed their URL's from https://play.acast.com/ to https://shows.acast.com/
Apparently they've added those URLs and they moved their infrastructure to Stitcher, changing the format of their embeds' IDs too. The site has been updated in the latest version.
That usually mean that they chose to block Amazon or they have an adblocker or some extension that blocks Amazon. There's an option in the add-on's option that leaves a text link to the Amazon product, which may work if their extension doesn't also hide Amazon links.
thanks, I have that option enabled, however it is being reported that it is still showing up as blank by some users when posting new links.
If you post a screenshot of what they call "blank" I'll be able to tell you whether it works as expected or not. Either way, if they block Amazon in their browser they will definitely not see the Amazon product. If they want to see Amazon products, they'll either have to unblock Amazon or whitelist your site.
FWIW, the add-on has an option that says "Add a link to Amazon product embeds" and if you enable it, there should be a link to the product page instead of the blank space when Amazon embeds are blocked by an adblocker.
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