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yeah it's weird. i have it completely disabled on my forum's domain so third party domains should not matter at all. i have whitelisted all the domains connected to embedding (*.github.io, *.twitter.com, *.twimg.com) and it still block tweet embeds on my forum's pages! i even resetted privacy badger to see if that helps but it did not change anything. i guess i would check if they have a support platform and see if they can point out what's happening.

this is what i see on my forum:

i assume this means that github.io content is being loaded. but it breaks after that? (tweet link is valid and it works in incognito).
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It doesn't look like it's related to EFF's Privacy Badger. If I block github.io on mine, it displays an empty iframe with no text and just the Twitter bird. If I block platform.twitter.com the loading text is replaced with "Cannot load tweet. Disable your adblocker and tracking protection." as expected when the page cannot load Twitter's JavaScript.

If it gets stuck on "Loading tweet..." it means the request for Twitter's script is either frozen somehow, or it's redirected to an empty document. Some request blockers do that, replace scripts from unauthorized sources with an empty file.
ah ok. i am not using any other ad blocker or script blocker. no firewall either. would go through my list of browser extensions and see what is going on.

i am on chrome beta and this one has the site specific functionality for chrome extensions. maybe that is causing this issue. should have checked on chrome stable first 😛

thanks for looking into it.
I will tell you that I see the same as that screenshot when a tweet has been deleted or is private.
well that has always been the case. the tweets that are not loading for me are not from private accounts or deleted. i did confirm :)

the weird thing is that it does load for me like 1 out of ten times. i am still not able to find out what is causing this problem :D