Quick Links stuck open

Ryan Kent

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My website is almost complete. I have this one nagging bug that I can't resolve. I have a Quick Links menu that is always open. I checked on my test installation of XF and everything works fine, so I know the issue is specific to my site. The issue happens in the Your Account area, which I can get to through Members > Recent Activity > Your Newsfeeds.

For some reason the Your Account Quick Links menu located in the moderator bar is stuck open. I looked in the Navigation template and found code which I initially thought was related to that menu. Upon further investigation I noticed there is no "Alert" code in the Navigation template, but the Alert function is on the moderator bar. I then found similar Quick Link code in the Navigation_Visitor_Tab template, and that template also contained code related to the Alert function, so I believe I am in the correct area. The issue is, the code here is identical to the code located in the default navigation_visitor_tab template on my test XF install which is a clean RC3 install with just Flexile and XenPorta added and no other changes. On that site the Quick Link menu is working normally.

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to where I can look to fix this menu?