XF 2.2 Is there a way to open external links in new tab


When I add a link in a post the external link opens in de same screen as my forum. The visitor is away from my forum.

Is there any possibility to open all external links automatically in a new tab? So every link that leads away from my forum?

Is there a way to make an internal link open in a new tab?

So, if I put a link to the Resource Center within a post, I don't see a way to have that open in a new tab. It's not often I'd want to do that, but it would be nice to have the option.
Your comment says that a link in a post opens in a new thread by default. On my forum some do and some do not and I can't figure out why?? I can, of course right click and get the open in new tab option but if I click on the link I am taken to that page on the same tab...exactly, the issue that Sammie was speaking about. I don't want the reader to move away from my forum. Hopefully this is not a code issue.
Any help appreciated!
@Nicolas FR Well...What I have here is kind of weird. I am guessing that because the url link is on the same server as my forum it considers it internal? It is not in the same directory but definitely on the same server.???
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