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When you use a forum for an association, club, corp or non-profit, it is intended to bring together various members to be able to communicate over the development of internal projects.

It would be a great feature to have an add-on that is able to manage projects graphically and assign project team leaders as well as project team members to a project as well as assign tasks to different members of the project team and have control over timings and progress.

So I suggest the add-on has the following features:
  • Integration into the node tree or into specific forums (to be compatible with other add-ons like social groups)
  • Team leader designation (with admin/mod specific rights)
  • Assignment of project team members to specific tasks
  • Visual progress in kind of "progress bars" with percentages
  • Status indication like "brainstorming", "in progress", "completed", "on hold", etc
  • Prioritization of projects/tasks per drag and drop or predefined "priority levels"
  • Calendar function to make timings for tasks and project completion
  • Alerts for project creation and status and task assignment changes
  • Permissions for who can manage, view, join project teams
  • (Nice to have) Presentation page (with view permissions) to let other (non-project-team-) members see where the project currently is at
  • (Advanced) Document management (PDF, Excel, Pics): assign documents to tasks/members and indicate different versions/updates
  • XenForo tags integration
  • And much more I don't know yet...
Any developer keen to do it? As I would see this add-on in a professional environment I would suggest it has a price tag of around 50.- USD or more per license.

This is just an idea of which I hope a developer would realize it.
Sounds like a great add-on, I'd be interested in this too.

For now I've made a private node in my staff area and use prefixes to adjust the progress which makes it very limited.
got disappeared

You mean "abducted"? ;)

Yes looks not bad for a start but my intention would be to have it more sophisticated visually. Including GANTT diagrams and List of tasks and associated users plus progress/status indication. The "Project Tools" seem to have been too "list" like...
I am working on a simple add-on to handle/track issues more or less like how it's done on github during my free time for :)
Keep an eye on @NixFifty 's ticket system. While it's designed as a helpdesk, it's a ticket system with statuses, priorities and custom fields. So basically it could be used to manage tasks and assign them to staff.

It doesn't have Events or RM integration.
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