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[XenConcept] Project Manager [Paid] 2.1.7

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[XenConcept] Project Manager - This add-on allows you to create a project manager!

This add-on allows you to create a project manager!

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Features list

  • Add tags in projects
  • Approve and unapprove for projects, tasks and comments
  • Add prefixes for projects and tasks
  • Add custom fields for projects and tasks
  • Search projects
  • User Group permissions
  • Alert support and push alert


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Are permissions based on categories or can you set specific permissions per project?

Scratch that... I see the screenshots!
when I test on demo site with admin account, i can't see the textbutton for marking a task as completed or uncompleted. why? is the demo admin account missing some permissions?

I will add permissions in the next version. Currently only the author of the project can mark as completed or uncompleted
I played around with the demo a bit. I created a task, set its completion at 90% (which is the max?), and expected the overall project completion percentage to be 90% (since there was only one task). It still shows 0%.

It is entirely possible I just didn't understand something, but... not sure. Anyway, reporting it here anyway.

I like it, but need to test it out more.
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