1. Stylesfactory

    Beta Whitelist Request 1.0.2

    Easy way to manage your whitelist requests. If you have server that users need to apply for whitelist then you won't need anything more! Main features: User: Submit request Edit self request Remove self request View request Moderator/Administrator (group with permission): Edit requests...
  2. hibiskus

    Add-on Language Nodes (Request)

    Me and at least 58 registered people additionally would need a "Language Nodes"-Addon. Here is a fool explanation and you can work/ask with OP for further requirements/functions. I am willing to put 350€ on the table for custom code...
  3. SyTry

    XF 2.1 Condition in_array in a template

    Hello, I want to update my add-on with 2 new options : Excluded forums Excluded usergroups This one : So, my problem is the condition. For forum : !in_array($thread.node_id, $xf.options.sc_ltvfc_excluded_forums) For...
  4. alsoGAMER

    Not planned Add support for postgresql in 2.1.x

    Hello, i have a very biggest and very popular forum with a tons of addons that continously write data on mysql xf's database and this cause a lot of performance problem to the site itself and also to the entire server 'cause i haven't only xf on mysql, so is possible to have an update with the...

    Add-on Auto Follow on Registration - XF2

    Hello, Would a developer be able to reproduce this add-on under version 2.0 of XenForo for free ? I asked the creator but he doesn't plan to update it, hence this request ! Regards, GERINO
  6. Rohan Ekanayake

    Add on to Unlock hidden content for credits

    Anyone know add on to unlock content by spending credits? Screenshot :
  7. firefox100

    Create a custom managed theme

    We need create a new managed theme like attached image for adult website with xenforo 2.0. If you can make this please send a pm to explain all details of this.
  8. Daniel-SP

    Add-on Thread Essentials

    Hello guys Its been some time that I'm looking for an addon to manipulate a number of functions for some threads inside specific nodes and we got some really nice "Essentials" addons by some valuable developers over this community like @Xon, @wmtech, @Daniel Hood not really active anymore :()...
  9. Ametheliana

    Lack of interest Checklist Type

    This is the closest I found to what I am looking for, which is a personal block add-on. I would like something that I can have on the side bar or as a collapsible/ pop-up add-on. It would be a checklist so that I can go through it every day and check off the threads that I need to check up on...
  10. dougiemac

    Add-on Looking for a My Threads Add-on

    Looking for an add-on that will display all threads started by a specific user. - Preferably one that the user can access quickly and easily from their profile with a "My Threads" tab. - Also one that could be accessed by the user menu, similar to the "Your Content" that displays all posts. I...
  11. Kevin

    Add-on [Request] Unread Conversation Email Reminder after X Days

    I tried searching to see if something already exists out there but didn't see anything. What I'm after would be relativity straight-forward... a cron job to generate an email to users reminding them of any unread conversations after X days (that respects the user email alert preferences of...
  12. dutchbb

    Add-on "Users viewing nodes, forums, threads" - good budget & conditions

    I'm looking for an experienced XenForo developer / coder to create an add-on that is sort of a port of a core vBulletin 3.x feature. Conditions: * Deadline: one month * Payment: 50% upfront and 50% after (please send your offer, if you prefer payment after only, it is possible) * The idea is...
  13. Freelancer

    Add-on Project Management add-on

    When you use a forum for an association, club, corp or non-profit, it is intended to bring together various members to be able to communicate over the development of internal projects. It would be a great feature to have an add-on that is able to manage projects graphically and assign project...
  14. Sheldon

    New Posts Block

    Please hide the "Test Messages" forum from appearing in sidebar. Thanks.
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