1. hibiskus

    Add-on Language Nodes (Request)

    Me and at least 58 registered people additionally would need a "Language Nodes"-Addon. Here is a fool explanation and you can work/ask with OP for further requirements/functions. I am willing to put 350€ on the table for custom code...
  2. SyTry

    XF 2.1 Condition in_array in a template

    Hello, I want to update my add-on with 2 new options : Excluded forums Excluded usergroups This one : So, my problem is the condition. For forum : !in_array($thread.node_id, $xf.options.sc_ltvfc_excluded_forums) For...
  3. alsoGAMER

    Not planned Add support for postgresql in 2.1.x

    Hello, i have a very biggest and very popular forum with a tons of addons that continously write data on mysql xf's database and this cause a lot of performance problem to the site itself and also to the entire server 'cause i haven't only xf on mysql, so is possible to have an update with the...

    Add-on Auto Follow on Registration - XF2

    Hello, Would a developer be able to reproduce this add-on under version 2.0 of XenForo for free ? I asked the creator but he doesn't plan to update it, hence this request ! Regards, GERINO
  5. Rohan Ekanayake

    Add on to Unlock hidden content for credits

    Anyone know add on to unlock content by spending credits? Screenshot :
  6. firefox100

    Create a custom managed theme

    We need create a new managed theme like attached image for adult website with xenforo 2.0. If you can make this please send a pm to explain all details of this.
  7. Daniel-SP

    Add-on Thread Essentials

    Hello guys Its been some time that I'm looking for an addon to manipulate a number of functions for some threads inside specific nodes and we got some really nice "Essentials" addons by some valuable developers over this community like @Xon, @wmtech, @Daniel Hood not really active anymore :()...
  8. Ametheliana

    Lack of interest Checklist Type

    This is the closest I found to what I am looking for, which is a personal block add-on. I would like something that I can have on the side bar or as a collapsible/ pop-up add-on. It would be a checklist so that I can go through it every day and check off the threads that I need to check up on...
  9. dougiemac

    Add-on Looking for a My Threads Add-on

    Looking for an add-on that will display all threads started by a specific user. - Preferably one that the user can access quickly and easily from their profile with a "My Threads" tab. - Also one that could be accessed by the user menu, similar to the "Your Content" that displays all posts. I...
  10. Kevin

    Add-on [Request] Unread Conversation Email Reminder after X Days

    I tried searching to see if something already exists out there but didn't see anything. What I'm after would be relativity straight-forward... a cron job to generate an email to users reminding them of any unread conversations after X days (that respects the user email alert preferences of...
  11. dutchbb

    Add-on "Users viewing nodes, forums, threads" - good budget & conditions

    I'm looking for an experienced XenForo developer / coder to create an add-on that is sort of a port of a core vBulletin 3.x feature. Conditions: * Deadline: one month * Payment: 50% upfront and 50% after (please send your offer, if you prefer payment after only, it is possible) * The idea is...
  12. Freelancer

    Add-on Project Management add-on

    When you use a forum for an association, club, corp or non-profit, it is intended to bring together various members to be able to communicate over the development of internal projects. It would be a great feature to have an add-on that is able to manage projects graphically and assign project...
  13. Sheldon

    New Posts Block

    Please hide the "Test Messages" forum from appearing in sidebar. Thanks.