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Post Content Find / Replace

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I'm trying to use the Post Content Find / Replace tool to fix certain things after an import, but I'm having difficulty with the regular expressions and replacements. The following are two cases where the quote tags have become malformed, but I don't know if they can be treated as one when I come to do the find and replace.


The link and date attributes can be ignored (removed), and the author can be retained (ideally).

[quote author=glasshouse link=1150111054/0#7 date=1150151926][/quote]
This is how it should appear:



In the second case, the quote tag closes before the author name, and then closes again. In the example below there are three open quote tags, with three close quote tags. Again, the link and date parts can be removed, to be left with just the author (the author appears after the quote tag and before the link attribute).

[quote] glasshouse link=1142890417/0#43 date=1156429613][quote] spatular link=1142890417/0#42 date=1156426776][quote] Gilead link=1142890417/0#38 date=1156394138]

Any tips with this would be appreciated.
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