XF 1.5 Post Content Find / Replace - Error "Please enter a valid message"


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we have recently converted a 600,000 posting forum from vBulletin 3.8 to XenForo 1.54. We used Post Content Find / Replace to correct links and everything. Only converting [YOUTUBE] to MEDIA=youtube fails when we try to write the changes. The simulation (without writing) works fine, but writing the same entries leads to an "Error: Please enter a valid message".

Converting has worked previously in a small forum with only 50,000 postings. And nearly the same string conversion from [VIMEO] to MEDIA=vimeo also works without problems in the big forum. But vimeo appears only a few times in our forum.

[YOUTUBE] ist counted nearly 1,500 times in our big forum. But the number could not be the problem, because some replacements are even bigger.

Any idea why do we get an "Error: Please enter a valid message"? As I said, the simulation runs fine, when we click "save changes" the error appears very fast.

Thank you in advance!

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That normally means the post is empty which isn't allowed. But yours is a non-empty replacement so the result should not be empty.


If the replacement is invalid syntax for the MEDIA tag then it might render to an empty post. The format for youtube media should be like this: