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Randomly when people try to post on my site ( They are greeted with a erorr that says "Please enter a valid message" while posting, even though they've entered content to be posted. Why is this occurring? is this Xenforo or theme related?

I'm a bit at a loss as it's even happened to me from time to time but I can't figure out how to reproduce this error?

This has been happening for a bit now, I'm currently on 1.5.10, I believe it started around 1.5.8 or 1.5.7......but I can't be too sure.
We haven't had any other reports of it, so a modification could be involved.

The first step to troubleshooting it would be to revert to a completely default style and disable all add-ons.

If you can still replicate it in a default installation, we would need steps to reproduce it in order to try and work out what's causing it.
Hmm not sure but I might know the cause, it could be either the theme I use or one of the two modifications associated with the theme, because I haven't tried any other new mods recently and I've had the same modifications for awhile now....aside from 2 that were added because of this particular theme that I have.....

The hard part is that this isn't easily reproduced, it's occurred randomly for me....
There can also be some server side things that could trigger this, such as selective filtering. It should be consistently reproducable with specific message content though. I'd find a message that triggers it and confirm whether it always happens with that message. Troubleshooting can then start.
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