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Post Content Find / Replace 2.0.1

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Gene Steinberg

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No secret.

All occurrences of in the forum should be changed to

URL prefix would be the same, and there would be different directories that apply the same to both domains.

Gene Steinberg

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I ended up just doing the simple find/replace updates in phpMyAdmin in my server's Plesk panel for the affected database.

It took less than 15 to meticulously go over all the variations and replace them. Since it was just post text, and Resource Manager messages and updates, the dangers of mistakes were minimal.

I would be nice to have a find/replace tool that is as easy to use, without the need of expressions and such, but maybe another time I suppose.


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I'm very bad in regex and hope, someone will help me:

I like to replace



<span style="font-weight:bold"><span style="color:#a50220">P</span><span style="color:#036d2d">ortugal</span><span style="color:#a50220">F</span><span style="color:#036d2d">orum</span></span>

Is this possible? Works it also in signatures?