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I migrated from VB4 and have since upgraded to XF2.

I probably should have made use of this addon before upgrading to XF2 to find/replace video embeds in posts while I was still on XF1, but I overlooked this.

What is the recommended way to accomplish this in XF2? SQL query in xf_posts?

My post contents have video embeds that look like this:


I need to update them to look like this:


Any help appreciated. I'm not good with regex queries. Thanks!

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There are some newer versions/flavours of MySQL which might support regular expression updates but I'm not certain.

There are plans to update the post content find/replace tool to XF2 though we don't have an ETA for it right now.


I've got this working with Xenforo 2 and Post content find / replace 2.0.1.
Warning: Don't use this if you don't know what you're doing, make a backup first, always do a test run first.

Quick find:
Regular expression
Replacement string
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