Please include a Standard Editor


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I hope there will be an option to use a Standard Editor. I really prefer using a standard editor for these primary reasons.

1) Cut and paste is easier. On a WYSIWYG editor, when you paste text it sometimes carries information you don't want, such as emphasize or link information.

2) When you have large pictures in editor, it's almost impossible to arrange text. The attach code is a better solution.

3) Standard editors typically have less problems and bugs.


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Do you mean a plain text editor?
Like the one which is available when clicking the A in the top right hand corner?


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I didn't notice "Use BB code Editor" button.

What I would like to see is the same functionality as the Standard editor available in vBulletin. There are three types of editors allowed in vBulletin:

1) WYSIWYG (default on xenForo)
2) Standard Editor
3) Text Editor (option on xenForo)

As a user I should be able to set the editor I prefer in my Preferences in the Your Account Panel. As an admin of xenForo I should be able to restrict my members to the editor I think is best for my users.


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So you know, this is an absolutely gigantic undertaking. This is an area where there are hundreds of browser specific issues that need to be overcome, and to support this sort of thing we'd be looking at a bespoke WYSIWYG editor.


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Thanks Mike, I was afraid that would be the problem.

The biggest problem with the WYSIWYG editor is dealing with large inline images. Please make an option to use a bbcode for attached images. That way we can still easily edit the message even though a large inline image will be displayed when we submit the post.


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Or at least make the bb code editor have all of the buttons that the wysiwyg editor does and let it remember our preference of wanting to use the bb editor so we don't have to click the A button everytime we want to post.


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In playing with the More Options editor, I see there are still some problems yet to be worked out. When I upload a picture I can then insert the image as a thumbnail or full size. But the problem is I cannot remove it from the editor if I change my mind. I'll continue to play with the More Options editor and advice any shortcomings as a bug.


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I think what we really need is the option to include the attach bbcode. Currently we have the option to put the picture in the message as a Thumbnail or Full Image.


It would be great if next to Thumbnail and Full Image button, another button would be BBcode. If we click on the bbcode button the [ attach]1234[ /attach] bbcode would be inserted into the message body. We should also be able to move the bbcode as needed anywhere in the message as we are editing the message, or even delete the bbcode.


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My apology. I was using Firefox 4.0 beta 3 which apparently is not yet compatable with the WYSIWYG editor here in xenForo. I was not able to move the [ attach] bbcode after inserting it. Trying with IE7 there is no problem

Luke F

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I would like a way to either have the full editor toolbar on the standard non-WYSIWYG editor, or a toolbar option to turn inline image display on the WYSIWYG editor on and off, along with a button to paste without formatting.