Implemented Please Include A List of Participants in Conversation Listing


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This is a basic feature included in almost every forum software except for Xenforo.

I am going through my PCs looking for a Paypal Transaction ID I posted in a conversation to Jaxel but I can't find it because the conversation list does not show who all the participants are. It only shows who created the conversation and who the last poster is. If I am both the conversation creator and the last post it will not show who else is in the conversation from the listing. This makes it EXTREMELY difficult to find specific conversations if they have a basic title like 'Hi', 'Hello' etc.

If you have to see this resource as an example:

A). Conversation Participants. A quick view of the participants in both the conversation pop-up menu, as well as on the conversation list page. Should a conversation have more participants than can be displayed, a '... and x more' link will be available to you which opens an overlay with a list of all the participants.