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Never did make an official post regarding pixelExit.com, mainly because we never really finished our site (y). Over the weekend we took some time to redo our site.

First off, some credits due

Onto the site:

Our homepage is actually created by a regular page in XenForo. We set it up to use a child style of our main style and customized the contents of it via page_container. On top of that we also threw in a widget that pulls the recent posts.


Forums is your standard layout with some modifications, as mentioned Shelleys sidebar shadows, Luke's shoutbox, and uses the custom widget as well. Our User Bar along with our Customer Menu can all be found up top


Our portfolio page(still being built) uses a standard page node from XenForo along with the widget framework for the custom widgets on the side.


Custom Work Form
@Snog has done a really nice job with his forms add-on and we put it to use on our site. This lets customers easily submit their work request.


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Last Saturday, pretty much lol :p

We had the design already, we just coded it by working on it together, like we do a lot of things.


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Looks really nice. Your demo password doesn't seem to work though.
Thanks, we just had a custom plugin developed by @Liam W which works perfectly(so far I think haha :D ), it'll reset the demo accounts password + posts every 30 minutes.

A small update too I've posted in some of our resources about it but we've updated our demo board. Now the URL will be:


Comes with a nice little dropdown + window resizer to view our styles easily in mobile view.
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