Fixed [paypal subscription] subscribe after dispute

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The admin sets up a secondary usergroup X with privileges for a promotion where a user pays ... for ... months

A user (buyer) subscribes to this promotion paying with Paypal

=> forum adds this user to a usergroup X

The buyer gets the goods but complains to Paypal he did not receive anything, therefore requests a refund.

=> forum removes this user from usergroup X

The seller presents Paypal evidence that the buyer indeed got the goods, and the request for refund is denied.

=> forum should add this user to usergroup X

Bug: => forum does not add this user to usergroup X

DragonByte Tech

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Buyer should get banned for lying to PP.
While at face value I don't disagree with you, unfortunately that is not feasible from an eCommerce standpoint. This bug is actually critical for DBTech's future conversion to XF2, as this happens every now and again.



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I do not see this as a bug. It is an uncommon occurrence that should be handled personally or manually.

Chris D

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The same issue exists in XF1, but after some testing I think I've got a reasonable solution.

The root cause is that PayPal sends the cancellation reversal with the same transaction ID as the original cancellation. We ignore transactions that we have already processed, so we ignore the reversal of the cancellation believing it to be the same message.

Solution is to inspect the records we've logged for the transaction, looking for a "cancel" type, and if we find one, and the new notification is "Canceled_Reversal" then we let that go through, which ensures the purchase will be reinstated as expected.