XF 2.2 vBulletin 4 to XenForo recurring PayPal subscriptions

Charlie G

Following on from this thread from 3 years ago.

Has anyone resolved the issue with recurring subscription via Paypal?

Given that the PayPal communication will fail to connect to the old vB connector PHP script due to it no longer being there, what will the result be?
  • Will the subscriber get charged another renewal by Paypal regardless of failed PHP communication. If this occurs then I guess the member will need to have their subscription manually added to their XF account.
  • Or, will PayPal fail to process the subscription completely because of the failed comms between itself and the none existent vBulletin connector?
In the end, I wrote dummy PHP endpoint to continue to respond to PayPal. It accepts the IPN call by PayPal so they don't fail, and then logs all the actions to a couple of text files on my end (ipnfails.txt and ipnhits.txt).

The above serves two purposes, (a) the IPN calls never fail because I'm still responding to PayPal, (b) I can see which users of my forum are still under the old vBulleting PayPal IPN system should I wish to follow up with them.

I created the above system over 3 years ago and just checked my ipnhits.txt files and there's still recurring transactions coming through them all these years later... so I'm glad I took the time to do it otherwise I would have likely lost out on a lot of this revenue.
One more thing. I'm glad I took the time to do this so that I could stop worrying about the existing PayPal subscriptions and I could then go ahead and move away from vBulletin to Xenforo.

Xenforo is far and away better than vBulletin. Life is much easier now I've made the move.

My biggest hang-up was these recurring profiles from vBulletin. Once I was able to assure myself they would continue to "poll back" to PayPal indefinitely I was able to go ahead with the migration to Xenforo. So glad I did!
Thanks Wutime, I really appreciate your reply.

Am I right in thinking the dummy PHP endpoint you wrote keeps PayPal happy and you then have to manually extend the date(s) to the subscription/member upgrade for the user account on your XenForo?

I wouldn't have a clue how to write the PHP endpoint so any help with that would be gratefully appreciated 🙏

Xenforo is far and away better than vBulletin. Life is much easier now I've made the move.
I'm looking forward to making the move once I am sure I have the subscriptions sorted.
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A custom add-on is required to maintain the subscriptions with certainty, PM sent.
i would be interested in this custom add-on as we are moving from IPS4.7 to Xenforo 2.2 if it will work for that as well. please DM me with any info. we are willing to compensate for it as well since i can not seem to find one on the site in resources.
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