[OzzModz] Verification Badge

[OzzModz] Verification Badge [Paid] 2.2.4

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Also, for the requests, when you deny or approve them, they should be removed from this page here:

Or at the very least have an option to delete them, the more people that request verification, this will become a complete mess....

That is something I wouldn’t want to do. But I could see about only displaying open requests.


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Yeah, I think only open/non-approved requests would make things easier, or some way of perhaps archiving older requests that can then go back and re-examine?


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@Ozzy47 , No, i'm talking about once they are either rejected or accepted, they should no longer show in the "Verification badge requests" section unless you use the filters. however, presently, they still show, as seen int he picture below. Also, when a new request is made, the staff who can handle the requests should get some sort of notification, preferably within the moderation queue, because otherwise there's no indication that there's a pending request for verification.

See here:

There is no options to "Delete" these.......Even in the application view itself (which there really should be) See below:



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I’m probably not going to be adding a option to delete the entries. Simply use the filters to see which ones you want.

For the notifications, I might add that in a future release.


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I noticed once verified, there is an empty section left in the account preferences. This is true on snogssite aswell. May not be critical or anything but is an eyesore to see a section with no options =P

Aside from that, a great addon with MANY use cases.