[OzzModz] Verification Badge

[OzzModz] Verification Badge 2.2.2 Patch Level 1

No permission to buy ($20.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.1
  2. 2.2
Single Use License (may be used on one website)
Updates duration
Lifetime for Xenforo versions listed above
Visible branding
Using this add-on, you can edit any user from ACP, and simply using a checkbox mark the user as Verified.

You can also let users ask for a verification badge and manage their requests.

Verified users will have a badge next to their username (left OR right, based on your choice in the add-on's options) all around the site (even in 3rd party add-ons' pages)

  • Location of the Badge (left OR right)
  • Maximum item attachment file size (KB)
  • Maximum attachments per request
  • Allowed request attachment file extensions
  • Requests Per Page
Style Properties
  • Badge
User Criteria
  • User requested verification badge at least x times
  • User requested verification badge no more than x times
  • Manage Verification Badge Requests
  • Request Verification Badge
  • Max Verification Badge Request per user
  • Upload attachments to Verification Badge Request
  • View own Verification Badge Request
  • Edit own Requests
Request Verification Badge System
  • Users will see an option to ask for verification badge, in their profile
  • Each user can ask for verification badge x times (user group permission)
  • Users can write a comment and attach files while requesting verification badge
  • Moderators can reject, accept, or close the requests (approving a request will automatically close all other requests by that user if the user had permission to submit more than 1 request)
  • The accepted request will mark the user as verified and the user will get verification badge automatically
  • Rejected requests will lose their verification badge (in the case when another moderator manually granted them the badge while you were checking their request)
  • Usergroup permissions are added to fully control this feature (permission to request, number of requests, attach files to request, edit request, and manage requests)
  • Ability to control the number of times each user can request the badge
  • 2 User Criteria (User requested at least x times, user-requested no more than x times)
  • User alerts for request status change
  • User's account info/details in request page ("Verification Badge Requests Count" will also show user's all requests)
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Latest reviews

Excellent, excellent, excellent add-on for any community. Tons of ways to utilize it whether it be for verified extensions of site staff, verified profiles as major social media sites provide or to provide users a way to support the site while letting others know they've been vetted -- this is EXCELLENT. Thanks Ozz!
I do rather like this addon myself, it’s one I actually use to identify certain users. Glad you like the addon and found a use for it. Thanks for leaving a review.
This addon is a life-saver for any forum whose members care about genuine interaction. Very well thought out and the developer is very dedicated. I supported his addons since 1.5.
Thanks for your kind words. Glad to see you are like it.
Awesome AddOn and very quick and friendly response of the developer! :) Works pretty well! Thanks a lot!
Glad to hear you liked it. Hope you enjoy using it.
Another fantastic add-on from one of the best supportive developer you can find in XenForo community
This is a must have add-on for many forums
Thank you
Thank Younes, I'm glad you liked it. Hope you enjoy using it.