New Thread Permissions when Sub-categorizing

Core Freedom

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I can't figure out the best way to create this, please help me see if I'm missing something?

I'm trying to create a tree for premium members, which allows them to comment on just one thread, not create new threads. When I turn off the thread creator, then they can't post to my thread either and that should not be.

Here's what I'm trying to do:

Spiritual Wealth Academy (tab)
Library (link)
Academy (link)

When they click on the Library link for example they should now see this:

Library (category)
- book 1 (forum)
- book 2 (forum)

When they click on 'book 1' then another page opens with the title 'book 1' but what I really want is for them to get directly to the thread. Instead what they see now is the first 'book 1' link, then they click and they get to another 'book 1' heading where they see the title of the book but they still have to click on it. (way too many clicks). In addition they can also create a new thread here, this should not be. When I turn that off the 'new thread' button goes away, which is great. However, once they click on that link to finally get the to the book they see the contents of the thread but now they can't respond since I disabled the 'new thread' thing. But here in this last thread they should be able to respond.

I can't figure out how to create this library the best way so there is one link per book. Within that link there should be 1 post and only to that one post they should be able to respond, not create new threads on their own.

I tried creating pages that contains links which then lead to posts but that doesn't work either.

Any ideas?

Thanks :)


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For the posting permissions, Revoke the Post new thread permission for the Registered user group in the node.

Then Allow it for the user group or users who are allowed to post new threads.