Lack of interest view forum permissions. / view forum thread list restrictions / view forum thread permissions.

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I searched but did not find anything on view forum permissions.

Topic: Private Forums
view forum permissions / view forum thread list restrictions / view forum thread permissions.

In Xenforo standard features. You have to remove the "view thread content permission" from the forum or usergroup, then grant the "view permission".

Then if you click on a forum name, on the forum list main page, the threads are not shown.

So when I guest clicks on the forum name link, they go to the next page/ thread list, and it looks like there are no discussions there. Making the forum look like it has no content.

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It would be nice if it went to the login or signup page, then guests would know that this titled forum link has restricted access. this way your forum can be public for all guests to view all forum titles on your forums main forum page, enter public forums, but not be able to enter restrict / private forums. but get a message stating that they must be logged in or Register to enter this forum.

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I hope I explained this properly?

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Using your 'Private Forums' usergroup, setup a Notice ( /admin.php?notices/ ) with user criteria of not being in the 'Private Forums' usergroup and page criteria of being your private forums.
Then they'll get a big notice at the top where you can message about logon required and link to the logon page/popup.