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  1. rvnorth

    Private forum access, easily managed addon?

    Hi, I want to create 100s of different forums (or do I mean threads?) and have them all private. Each forum &/or thread should be blocked until I give access, one by one. So, if someone buys a specific informational product from me (using another platform) I want them added to that products...
  2. NandorHUN

    How to create an invite forum / private forum with forms or invitation?

    Hi Guys! I want to create a 2nd forum for a selected user group / or a private node. The thing is I know the selected group but Im not sure what's the best way to do it. First thing: should I create a 2nd forum and with Mulisite System sync the login data and give them extra permission? Or...
  3. G

    XF 1.5 Private Forum Issues

    I'm having problems setting up a forum that only the moderating user group can see. I tried to change the permissions so only admin and moderating can view the node, however when I do this the forum is no longer visible. If I allow the registered user group to view the node then it becomes...
  4. Sam F

    Lack of interest view forum permissions. / view forum thread list restrictions / view forum thread permissions.

    I searched but did not find anything on view forum permissions. Topic: Private Forums view forum permissions / view forum thread list restrictions / view forum thread permissions. In Xenforo standard features. You have to remove the "view thread content permission" from the forum or...
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