NEW C&C game is in development

There are already planning, and making a new C&C!

In addition to the next Command & Conquer title, which is not yet formally announced and described by Earl as "pretty far out," he says "the effort and energy at the moment is around building EA share in the action category... to achieve our mission of becoming number one inside of the action space."

I really can't wait, heard about this yesterday. I think its going to be Renegade 2 for sure because a large part of the team was also the team or part of some shooters.


Problem is though, they can no longer continue with the Tiberian Saga, if I'm not mistaken... unless they redid the ending of C&C4*, so it'll be either within the Red Alert setting, or an entirely new one.

*I've yet to play the 4th C&C... will have to soon for the sake of completeness.