Negative Trophy Points


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Its currently not possible to give negative trophies. Only positive ones because you can only set positive points to trophies.
But it would be useful to also set trophies for negative actions so that members see that something is going wrong. This allows members to adjust their behavior before we need to start sending warnings.

Additionally it just doesn't give a honest ranking of notable members if 'mixed bag' members are higher in ranking than good members.

This is why I suggest trophies with negative points.

The admin could for example opt to give negative trophies for a combination of the criteria below:
  • likes to post ratio is below 0.1
  • user has not posted in X days
  • user has received at least x warning points
  • user has at least x warnings
  • user has no avatar
  • more than x reports were created about this user
  • User has created at least X rejected reports
  • or if post ratings is used: user has received X negative ratings in the last month
  • or when XF2 post ratings come...
  • etc...


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I cannot believe you slap members on the hand with a ruler for no avatar and hasn't posted in x days. I would think letting the discipline system do its job with warning points and having post ratings (thumbs down or disagree) would suffice for negative ratings, but it's your board to do what you want with it.

We used to have a punitive system and all it did was create hostility between staff and members. I believe positive feedback is much more powerful than whacking someone upside the head every time they turn around. Just my 2 cents.


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I understand how you may get that impression, but mind that the criteria system allows you to combine criteria to define a trophy. Giving a trophy for no avatar as the only criteria would not even work because everyone starts out without one. Same for not posting.
having post ratings (thumbs down or disagree) would suffice for negative ratings
There are plenty of people who would call negative ratings whacking someone upside the head and are fervently opposed to it. Apparently that punitive system works for you. Negative ratings or 1 star reviews work well for my site as well. I would not want to only allow positive post ratings and 5 star reviews. Everyone can decide for themselves what is best for their website. Gamification is not just levelling up. But also going down if you make a mistake.

My members have asked for trophies that alert them if they are doing bad. Not as a form of punishment, but a way to become aware before they make hundreds of posts and their chances on promotion have become so bad that its hard to repair. Negative trophies can work in a helpful way. Mind that we are adding a very large amount of positive ones, so it is within that context.


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Personally I agree with @Dryline, I think that Trophies should be to reinforce positive behaviour and aspects on the forum rather than negative.

My members have asked for trophies that alert them if they are doing bad.
Why don't you use notices for this instead of trophies? Pretty much the same criteria are available for notices as for trophies. You can then customise the text and make it more informative/useful than you can likely get with a trophy.


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We did away with issuing warnings (infractions if that's a more familiar term) and have gone to a 3 strikes and you're out system for dealing with improper behavior. We usually give even more than 3 strikes and try to coach nefarious behavior by simply talking to them and hoping they get the message. The rift that used to exist between staff and members is gone, and we've only had to do away with one or two members since the change in February 2015.

The negative post ratings come from the community in general. Peer pressure has a way of working when it's coming from the group as as a whole. We don't often see that many and if someone uses it for retribution we reverse it and ask them to refrain from that in the future. All in all, the negative ratings don't get used very often, unless someone is a real dumb arse and posts garbage that is deserving of a thumbs down.

Your board sounds quite large compared to ours, so maybe you're seeing things we don't. Anyhow I just wanted to clarify so you didn't think I was looking for a fight or whatnot.