1. Stuart Wright

    Trophy Essentials [Paid]

    Stuart Wright submitted a new resource: Trophy Essentials - Hugely improve trophies by awarding them for ongoing user activity Read more about this resource...
  2. Stuart Wright

    Trophy Essentials 1.0.5

    Trophy Essentials introduces Cumulative trophies. Xenforo’s trophies are based on the idea of milestones. For example, when you hit the milestone of posting your first 30 messages, you get awarded 5 trophy points. Though admin can create more milestones, there are always a limited number and if...
  3. Gugol

    Trophies rebuild xenforo 2.2

    hi all, i added some trophies and i rebuilt the cache, unfortunately the date of the trophies rebuild is not valid because it is not the original date when those posts were created. This is a pretty big problem that I can't find a solution to, the only solution for me is to redo the whole forum...
  4. Azaly

    XF 2.1 How long trophies would update after changing

    Some of my trophies was based on user's gender, so I have to change trophies after upgrading to latest version from XF1.5. I did it, rebuild trophies cache and now for about 36h my cpu usage was grow twice or even thrice when cron job is running (I'm using CLI Job Runner). How long this...
  5. CMTV

    Unmaintained Badges 1.0.6

    Description XenForo has a "trophy" system. You can use trophies to award users for doing cool things. But trophies are casual and boring. Everyone can get one :( Badges... that's more like it! This is something your users can be proud of! Create fancy-looking badges, group them into...
  6. XFA

    [XFA] Trophies Enhancement (categories, icons, leadeboard, announcement,...) - XF2 2.2.1

    Description If you ever felt that Trophies were cool but lacked a bit of spotlight, this add-on is definitely what you are seeking ! Trophies enhancement adds support for trophies categories and trophies icons with the choice to pick among 3 options: Font Awesome Icons loaded from your server...
  7. DarkGizmo

    XF 1.5 Possible to disable trophies on a by user basis?

    A member of mine is getting annoyed about receiving trophies (i don't see the big deal but hey!) So i was wondering, is there a way for just him to disable/turn off trophies? or at least the alerts when he gets them? Thanks!
  8. H

    XF 1.5 Trophy Points? Help!

    I still can't understand the trophy points system. Attached is my point rewards but what I don't understand is the total they are going to get. For example, they get 10 Points for posting 10 times on any thread BUT if they post another 10 points on any thread, will they get 20? Or I have to...
  9. Alpha1

    Negative Trophy Points

    Its currently not possible to give negative trophies. Only positive ones because you can only set positive points to trophies. But it would be useful to also set trophies for negative actions so that members see that something is going wrong. This allows members to adjust their behavior before...
  10. Alpha1

    XF 1.5 Trophy gets awarded erroneously?

    I am trying to wrap my head about an issue that causes my members to get all trophies, even if they don't meet the criteria. I tested it out by creating a test trophy with the following criteria: user is logged in user is admin user state is valid user is in admin user group user has posted...
  11. vFranky

    XF 1.5 Trophies based on a Year

    Hello, we like to reward active users at the end of the year. Trophies would be a way to go. But they seems to cumulate over time, not only over a year. Is there a way to count only activities / trophies of an actual year for an year end reward? Perhaps via addon? Kind regards and thank you...
  12. Shawn Gossman

    Your community's use of trophies

    Greetings everyone, I'm interested in seeing how you all use trophies on your forum. Whether you do something unique or would just like to share your long list of custom trophies, I feel like we can help one and other make use of this great feature in this thread. :)
  13. Stuart Wright

    Gamification to encourage participation, moderation and growth of the community

    So there are suggestions for improvements to the likes system to make it more like Luke's post ratings system. I think this is essential for XF2. Also I have suggested an improved trophy points system where x points can be awarded for every y of each event. For example 1 point awarded for...
  14. D

    XF 1.5 Which should be hidden, steap by steap and visible trophies ?

    I have a series of 30 trophies designs for almost every thing you can do in a forum but I have a doubt which should be hidden, steap by steap and visible trophies in Master Badge ? - I do not know if there are any pre-established criteria for hidden or show trophies, and which is the criteria...
  15. Paradoxer

    XF 1.5 Changing the help/trophies Default URL

    I'm renaming "trophies" for my website to the term "quests." I've been modifying all the "Trophy" terminology that users will see in the front end by changing the Phrases, however this would also include the default URL of help/trophies. I'm not sure how I can change this to help/quests for...
  16. Paradoxer

    Lack of interest Hidden/Secret Trophies

    I was searching around and it doesn't seem that there is a way to add support for hidden/secret trophies. These trophies would be awarded to users as their conditions are fulfilled, as normal, however their conditions wouldn't be visible anywhere until they were obtained. The only source on the...
  17. Dan Allen

    XF 1.5 Where Is The Trophy List?

    We have about 53 trophies. I want to make a report that includes the names of the trophies. My research indicated that xf_trophy would be a good place to access trophy names and descriptions in mySQL, but when I looked at that data, I find the right number of records, but no trophy names or...
  18. Roka

    Trophies Icons Pack 2.0

    Pack with 50 Awesome icons for trophies Available size 200x200 -Color 200x200 -Black & white 50x50 - Color recommended for custom moddification Thanks
  19. Stuart Wright

    XF 1.5 A question about trophy criteria WRT customising them in the admin interface

    Hello folks, I've been wanting to improve the standard trophy system for some time by awarding people with N trophy points for M instances of an event. E.g. 1 point for every 50 posts. I am putting together a specification for an addon to do this, but I want to make it better by allowing admin...
  20. Zynektic

    Fixed Disabling Trophies

    Afternoon, With the new option to disable trophies, I am going to redo all my board trophies and do not want them to trigger when adding them. If I disable them on the forum and then work on adding my trophies will they still trigger or am I fine to go about adding them and enabling the system...
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