XF 1.5 Trophy gets awarded erroneously?


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I am trying to wrap my head about an issue that causes my members to get all trophies, even if they don't meet the criteria.
I tested it out by creating a test trophy with the following criteria:
  • user is logged in
  • user is admin
  • user state is valid
  • user is in admin user group
  • user has posted 29000 messages
  • user has added at least 10000000 tags
  • user has an avatar
My account meets all of the criteria except the number of tags. Yet, I do receive the trophy. It seems to me that I should not receive the trophy because I do not meet all criteria. Am I overlooking something or am I encountering a bug?

Chris D

XenForo developer
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That particular criteria isn't coming from XF so must be added by an add-on. Therefore, indeed, it may well be a bug within that add-on.