XF 2.2 Trophy Points and more?


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I have never used this things like trophy points, maybe a question of age.
Till yesterday i also had no idea how they are made.
They aren't a system where you get points for some action, it is to get points, when reaching some special stats, right?

But ...

You got a point for having one post ...
You got some points for having 25 posts ...
this means i have to add a lot of trophies for 50, 100, 200, 500 ...? Also for 1000, 1500, 10000?

So this system is very static, right?

I cant give points for every 50th. post, when your post counter is < then 1000
and some more/less points when the counter > 1000, right?

Then the whole trophy-thing is to reach special numbers, but not usable for things that have no own counter, right?

Static way now:
Get points for reaching xyz from stats a, b, c - could mean number of threads, posts, resources, rm_reviews, reactions

Dynamic way:
Get points for posting a post?
Get points for any type of action without counters.

Means that the dynamic way is that what some credit addons do, right?

Is there any credit-system that works with our points and mix the existing static way with a dynamic way?

If not what can i do?

Is it a good idea to add a trophy like: "has added a posts" (as example)
Then i add this tropy again and again and again, not woth a cron, but with a listener?
Post is done (trophy_id 28) => add next trophy!

userid, trophy, date
1,28,21. Februar
1,28,22. Februar

Or maybe add a new column and count the amount of this trophy?
But then we have no date for the trophy itself.
Maybe add something like a log?

User 1 has increased trophy28 for content: post with content_id: xyz at 22. Februar by 1.

Now i can delete the post, watch in log and delete the trophy, right?

Any ideas for that, please?
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I just want to say that the trophy system is somehow very static.
We can give away points if counters reach a target mark.

What happens with the field of ratio posts/reactions?
If i give 10 points, when the ratio is 0.5, but this can change every day.

And how the trophies are set?
With a cron job, checking the stats?
Or in real time, listening to special actions like increasing counters?