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I'm a little confused about the trophy points ladder. I have different user titles for each level reached. At the moment I have

"Well known member" at 45 points (which two people have reached).
"Fanatic" at 100 points (which one member is close to reaching).
"Legend" at 250 points
"Guru" at 500 points
"Choose own title" at 1000 points.

But - I'm not entirely sure how the trophy points are earned and if it's actually feasible for someone to get 1000 trophy points?! So are the points they've earned so far due to a combination of likes and number of messages? What dictates them earning further trophy points after they reach 100? And is 1000 actually reachable? Initially I thought those numbers were for the number of likes - but they're not. So how exactly are trophy points earned after the initial 100?
I had a look at that but I still can't work out what creates the trophy points. I set the criteria myself but wasn't sure if 1000 points was too high.
Also is there a way to set up birthdays? So something comes up when it's someone's birthday?

Amazing when you look at the second and third tabs what you can set a trophy up to be awarded for. ;)

Screen Shot 2022-11-04 at 11.18.07 AM.png

Or you can simply create a notice that will display to them (since you can't set up trophies for different birthdays - like 1st since joining, 2nd, etc.)

Screen Shot 2022-11-04 at 11.15.53 AM.png
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Ok I've found it now, thank you. I don't find it that intuitive and still a bit confusing - but I've added a level for posting a video with 3 points attached to it. Then you have to set a criteria (eg logged in). Assume that means they get an extra 3 points every time they add a video.
I think the problem I had finding it was searching for "trophy" instead of "trophies".

Anyway - eek - I think I have not got it quite right. Suddenly nearly all members have jumped 3 tiers up the ladder! Even quite new ones. I'm going through adjusting it again but it seems they don't go down the title ladder again once they've gone up it!

I can cope well with most techy stuff but finding this one hard to get my brain around! As in working out what leads to what and when!
Ok this is a little more complicated than it seems. If I add an extra level in Trophies (eg after the final one of "I love it") to say gain an extra 40 points when they have reached say 650 positive reactions and at x points they get the next title. That works. But then when I add another level for 100 points when they get 750 positive reactions - the members go straight to that, bypassing the earlier level, with more points than they should have! So there must be something else automatically adding points in the background, as well as the reaction scores you set.

I think I've got it right now by keeping it to 40 points awarded each time (because they seem to get more points elsewhere but not sure how how!).
Ok it's really confusing! So title ladder I have two more levels after well known member. Fanatic 100 points and Legend 250 points.

User only has 223 points so is on Fanatic - that's fine.

But it took adding extra sections to Trophies for them to get the extra points to get Fanatic level. The criteria set for that is 40 trophy points for 650 reactions. But the user's trophy points went up from 100 to 223.

The next section was 50 points for 750 reactions. Which the user has been awarded with only 702 reaction score. but hasn't got the extra 50 points.

It is very confusing. Earlier I just deleted all the ones I'd added and everyone went back to "Well known member" without the option of going any higher - then started again.

Are trophy points the same as "points"? If not, what else gives them points other than the criteria I set for 650 reactions?

I really want to understand what I'm doing here so people don't keep jumping two levels without explanation or it making sense.
Trophy points are cumulative. If you get 50 for making X number of posts, and 70 for uploading Y amount of media, it totals to 120 TOTAL trophy points. They aren't specific to each trophy except for being awarded that number of points for that specific action.
Ok, so on one level they get the points twice - once for logging in and once for reaction score. Assume that means they get those points every time they log in which might explain something.
So go that sorted. Another query. I have a couple of members who were on another forum and wanted to give them automatic higher ranking rather than them start from scratch again. Is there a way to adjust the trophy points or titles by individual member?
So go that sorted. Another query. I have a couple of members who were on another forum and wanted to give them automatic higher ranking rather than them start from scratch again. Is there a way to adjust the trophy points or titles by individual member?
Yes, as explained you can... but my question is why? That's the whole point of the trophy system... the users have to earn them. Otherwise, why have them in place at all?
Thanks! Long story :) . New members joining will earn them. I'm on another site that did this for members they already knew from elsewhere. It's kind of frustratign for members with a lot of experience in a subject to start at the bottom again. And with a new forum it helps to have some experienced members who can have some credibility with new members.
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