Need some advice


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Would shared hosting work for a site that gets less than 200 visitors at any given time?

It's a new site and out of those <200, some would register, but none would be able to post anything. We have content that we post ourselves and people just read and leave, sort of like a news site. Comments are done via facebook comments plug-in.

So, is shared hosting good in this situation? If so, what hosting companies do you suggest?



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I think it should be okay; provided you don't have anything else running on the server. I support LiquidWeb. They are super! Absolutely great support!

If you go with them, let me know. :)


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It kind of depends on what those 200 connections are doing. If they generally sit idle during the time they are connected and only make a request once in a while (like a forum) then it could work fine. If there is a lot of activity then it might be a bit more iffy.