Need some insight/help about moving from FB garage sale group to XF


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I admin a Facebook garage sales group for my area near Chicago in the USA. Of course everyone knows that FB is getting terrible on the glitches and other issues for admins running groups. We are a 34k group at the moment but with the potential of getting 100k members once I advertise the forum in all the other Chicago area garage sale groups. I'm wondering if anyone else has moved to using XF for a garage sale group and what issues you have came across if any. Also what should I look for in a hosting package?

So some answers I'm to the following questions I'm needing.

1. Any issues with the selling of items like this?
2. What size hosting package should I be looking for? Realizing that all threads that are over 14 days old or items sold will get deleted. So attachments would be deleted fairly regulary. Would I be looking for a TB of storage or smaller? Would be willing to pay around $30-$50 a month or cheaper if possible.
3. Any other things I should be concerned about?

Thanks for the input and suggestions. I can provide more information if needed.
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