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I would be very great full if we could have more official development tutorials. I have read the ones that is for add-on creation but i would like to see tutorials about extending an existing option or how to create an option. Creating an option like for example removing from this topic the like button. so it does not alter settings in other topics. Building on that how to remove for example like from this node

The tutorials posted there are a great help all ready but i need more information.
Some of the concepts are not drastically changed but I think focusing on stuff like that for XF1 (on an official basis) isn't worthwhile at the moment.

This very forum works quite well, though for now. If you have a specific question, although it wouldn't be an official tutorial as such, you would usually get an answer pretty quickly.

Hopefully we can improve documentation and tutorial type stuff for XF 2.0.
@Chris D why not for Xenforo 1.x as Xenforo user i have no idea when Xenforo 2 will come is it this year or next or ... because there is no time frame i can't plan anything for the next-gen. I can only plan for Xenforo 1.x that's why i ask no and not for later on, even if by some fluke Xenforo 2 comes real fast learning how something works now could benefit me later on. I don't believe it would matter if its official or made by third party quality is key in these tutorials and i like how its written there is one unofficial tutorial that i also like it was the explanation how the directory structure works and with the classes was very wel written.
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Well there's less chance of XF 2 coming real fast if we stop developing it to start writing tutorials for things that could end up being out of date.

Seems like a third party tutorial is a solution for you. Great. Maybe someone will create one. Or, it might just be easier if you ask a specific question, then you will likely just get a specific answer. This is also a solution.
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