Reusing public navigation items (allowing an item more than one parent)


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With widgets, you can put a single widget ID in multiple locations; you don't need to create a clone of the widget.

With public navigation items, if you want the link to show under more than one parent, you need to clone the link for every location you want it displayed.

You might want multiple identical links in your nav for a handful of reasons. Examples:
  • Home
    • Troubleshooting
      • Service Manuals
    • Tutorials
  • Forums
    • New posts
    • Reviews
    • Tutorials
    • Troubleshooting
      • Service Manuals
  • Resources
    • Tutorials
    • Service Manuals
and so on.

This gets very confusing for the admin in the admin panel.

I suggested this a long time ago but it was closed for lack of interest. So here's my second attempt.
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Likewise, I'd like the "latest activity" link to appear on my Home tab as well as my Forums tab, but can't seem to do that.
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