XenForo FR : a french XenForo community

Nicolas FR

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Name : XenForo FR
URL : https://xenforo.fr

Topic : A french XenForo community
Goals : Provide support in French to users of the XenForo environment, offer translations and tutorials, create an active community of enthusiasts.

Tutorials : https://xenforo.fr/tutoriels/menu/
Resources : https://xenforo.fr/ressources/
Our resources here : https://xenforo.com/community/resources/authors/nicolas-fr.184953/

Addons installed :
  1. XF Resource Manager
  2. XF Media Gallery
  3. Standard Library by Xon
  4. XenForo License Verification by Xon

Nicolas FR

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Hopefully this one stays around longer.
Yes ! This is my 4th attempt since august 2018 !
  1. Sporting Club : a community about running... (8 months)
  2. Cocoriweb : a community about web development (5 months)
  3. Regionalis : a community about news (12 months)
  4. XenForo FR : the community promises a bright future!! 😁 (In progress...)
I wish you the best of luck!
Thank you very much ! :)
I believe it !


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Fingers crossed for you, Nicolas. I know how frustrating it can be to pour all your effort in to something with so little reward.


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Good luck with the new site and I hope that people will appreciate your efforts to help them make their own communities better and productive; not an easy task in today's arena, but if you don't try you won't find out. It's nice to hear from someone else who is not prepared to give up, we need more tenacious people to help keep forums alive. All good wishes :)


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Thank you for the great add ons you provide for us. And also allow me to say your English is great for a Frenchie. :p :D French people usually don’t understand a thing English.