1. RG70Hz

    Constructive Criticism for my forum design

    Greetings everyone. I am currently developing a site-which is nowhere near complete. However, I would like some feedback on the general layout and feel of the site. The goal is to make a local community forum for my fellow Newfoundlanders. There is no content as of now [besides the rss feeds]...
  2. Nicolas FR

    XenForo FR : a french XenForo community

    Name: XenForo FR URL: Topic: A french XenForo community Goals: Provide support in French to users of the XenForo environment, offer translations and tutorials, create an active community of enthusiasts. Tutorials: Resources...
  3. Robru

    Redirect from /community/ tot Root

    Hey, The forum has been moved from the 'community' folder to the root. Of course the forum is still full of references to the 'community' folder. This will probably have to be done with lines in the .htaccess file. Can an expert here please make these lines for me, and tell me which .htaccess...
  4. Stylesfactory

    ClanZ Dark 2.2.15

    ClanZ style is mostly for gaming communities but with some small edits it can fit every need! You can: set background for node set icons for each forum set big content display panel with highlights set logo set welcome message set announcement set custom footer with 4 blocks set 2 or 3...
  5. Stylesfactory

    ClanZ White 2.2.15

    ClanZ style is mostly for gaming communities but with some small edits it can fit every need! You can: set background for node set icons for each forum set big content display panel with highlights set logo set welcome message set announcement set custom footer with 4 blocks set 2 or 3...
  6. mazzly

    Browser issue [ServiceWorker?] Network protocol violation on private message on XF Community

    I sent a PM yesterday. Directly after sending it I got a "network error". I didn't think much more of it at the time... Today I got a response to that conversation, and I can't open it? :D Tried with 2 different computers on both FF and Chrome: FF error looks like: Cheers!
  7. J

    Ps1 Community

    Hi all, ok it’s as standard as can be, done a little work in the background for search engines, having a logo done soon, don’t want to put lots of work in yet as want to see if there is any interest for such a site! Best Regards
  8. C

    Promoting your forum? Any tips?

    Hello, I haven't run a 'successful' forum for a while. I think I sold my previous domain and community back in 2014. Now, I am looking at starting another niche forum, but really, I don't know how to go and promote it. I don't have the funds to dump into advertisers and such. And the issue is...
  9. Nicolas FR

    XenForo - FRENCH translation [Deleted]

    Nikodak submitted a new resource: FRENCH translation - A French translation for XF2.1 for free... Read more about this resource...
  10. Penguinexpert1

    Survival Of The Unfittest

    Enjoy games, right? The type doesn't matter, what matters is the place to share your experiences. Here's your chance! SOFTUF's a gaming community like no other! Please feel free to leave us a review, and help us improve our community!
  11. Anime-Fall

    From a Vbulletin Theme to a Xenforo Theme

    Hi everyone - How hard is it to have this forum theme migrated from vb to xenforo ? I am planning on migration but i need to have the foundations setup first. The theme isn't hard, most of the work is in the header and the footer and keeping the same middle body will be using xf instead of vb...
  12. Anime-Fall

    Lack of interest Any New Vision for Feeds and Profile ?

    Hello - We're recently renewed interest in Xenforo and looking into migrating from Vbulletin 4.x to Xenforo pretty soon. However, before we commit to that change, are Xenforo Developers looking into taking a different approach when it comes to providing features relative to Xenforo Profile...
  13. Anime-Fall

    Anime-Fall Looking to Switch from Vbulletin to Xenforo

    Hi Everyone Although, I still love Vbulletin, the amount of work put into the forum using vbulletin, and the plugins we use with its custom design, makes it hard for us to switch from Vbulletin to Xenforo. But I am seeing Xenforo is getting better and better every day while Vbulletin is not...
  14. Trueprime


    GamersAuctions is a gaming marketplace & community. This is a very new project and I put much love and work into this. I am looking for any opinions, critiques , or feedback and they are all appreciated. I am always looking for like minded people and love any kind of support as I offer the same...
  15. Nulumia

    Anyone want to help convince me not to build a Wordpress gaming site?

    So I'm looking for some thoughts and opinions from site admins or developers, and what you think of platforms like Xenforo vs Wordpress. We want to create a gaming league/tournament community that is Playstation-focused, with team memberships, contests, season tournaments and fun challenges. We...
  16. Alppuccino

    XF 1.5 Splash Page?

    Hi! So our XenForo forum is on We want so when you go to it takes us to a splash page, like this one: We have the domain and everything, just how would we point a splash page made in...
  17. Ozzy47

    Unmaintained [HA] Google+ Badges 1.0.2

    PLEASE BEWARE!!! This addon is unmaintained, no support is offered with this any longer. Hi, This add-on, will add 3 Custom User Fields to your site: Google+ Profile URL Google+ Page URL Google+ Community URL And when filled, then it will display a nice Badge in user's profile under the...
  18. ARad [Feedback + Suggestions]

    Hey there! I'm currently making a forum called, it will be a place where people from all communities will come together and talk about things youtube specific and general related. Feel free to make an account here and give me critique -
  19. T

    Do I need a full-fledged server to run XenForo? (PC user)`

    I plan to create a forum like Se7enSins... a high quality forum. However, I am starting to believe that I need an actual server rather than a computer before even thinking about using the product. I only have a high-end pc, and I don't think that's enough. I've heard godaddy, hostgator, ect. can...
  20. Ubed Thaheem

    How to Change Default Fonts in UI.X ?

    Hello ! i want to change the Default fonts in Xenforo UI.X Template, i've uploaded these fonts. How to change default fonts ?? @Jeremy @Mike Creuzer Kindly help .
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