Anime-Fall Looking to Switch from Vbulletin to Xenforo


Hi Everyone

Although, I still love Vbulletin, the amount of work put into the forum using vbulletin, and the plugins we use with its custom design, makes it hard for us to switch from Vbulletin to Xenforo. But I am seeing Xenforo is getting better and better every day while Vbulletin is not going to support vbulletin 4.x for too long. I still think they need to improve the forum software to step into the social media platform whether for VB or Xenforo.

For example, on my custom made homepage, we have our own profile. We couldn't find what we need on both Xenforo and Vbulletin.

Homepage Profile

Ok, back to the forum

If i were to migrate to xenforo, how much time and money is estimated to be invested in ?

For example few addon we use:

1. Award plugin
2. Blogs
3. Gifts > Click on About me


4. Groups (part of vb function) and it is outdated, forum software needs to implement functions and design like fb or even better

I use Cakephp for my homepage, i know Xenforo uses Zend framework, would it be easy to combine registration between my homepage and xenforo ? With Vbulletin it is a nightmare. And i wouldn't use vb 5.x, so i am on 4.x which i love. Also SEO wise is a top priory, I don't think Xenforo invested a lot of time into SEO functions, for example like how Vbseo use to function for vbulletin with its auto generated sitemaps.

Is Xenforo using either CKeditor 4.x or 5.x ? (The CkEditor is a great editor).

What i don't like is the profile page (design and function wise needs improvement)

If i were to compare it with Vb 4.x profile, VB 4.x would win but VB 4.x functions is outdated. So I hope there are better plans for Xenforo profile design and function wise. May be add a timeline to the feeds/activity, improve the wall page with better functions and reply to comments functions, add other interaction or incentive tools that will keep members engaged. Focus on picture sharing tools with Instagram and community interaction. Have tools that encourage video sharing between xenforo and youtube using your profile.

The main goal of a board/forum software is discussion in certain niche but it needs to be taken to the next level because everyone now days jumps on twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and Youtube.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

I am still testing the new xenforo 2.x and i think i love it so far!! <3
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You might want to explore

1. AMS/Showcase/ Blogs by XenAddons (ready for XF1, XF2 under dev)
2. XenPorta for portal or this simple set up

I am not sure i can easily find this Dev section in that Blog you cited. For the portal part, i want to integrate the registration and login between the homepage and the forum. So it is all one form.


So if you're logged in, you are also logged in the forum.

This group looks nice like google+ which i love it, i will look into this addon more.

Any gift or award plugins or both for Xenforo ?
How stable ix Xenforo 2.x ?
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